Officieel: Land Rover bevestigd komst LRX en hybride

2010/05/19 door Bas in CONCEPT, HYBRIDE, NIEUWS

Land Rover is druk bezig met het testen van de nieuwe LRX en bevestigd dat er ook een hybride uitvoering gaat komen.

Men heeft het zelfs over een diesel-hybride die in 2013 leverbaar moet zijn. Ook bijzoder is dat het model met tweewielaandrijving leverbaar zal zijn. Wie had dat gedacht, een Land Rover zonder vierwielaandrijving?

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When the new LRX compact crossover hits the market, it's goal is to change the way the world perceives Land Rover. Unlike the rest of the marque's range, the LRX isn't likely to boast unbeatable off-road prowess with fuel-sucking power – quite the contrary, in fact. Land Rover has officially announced that in addition to the previously rumored front-wheel drive model, a diesel hybrid version of the LRX will be on the road in 2013. These two new-to-Land Rover features should go a long way in broadening the brand's attractiveness to new sets of buyers interested in smaller vehicles like the new LRX, though the move might risk alienating traditionalists, particularly if the model's off-road ability is severely compromised. (Note: The LRX name still isn't in the books yet, and to this day, Land Rover is referring to the crossover as the "all-new compact Range Rover").

Near the end of this year, Land Rover will start testing its first diesel hybrid prototype, which has been dubbed "range_e." This development vehicle, which rides on a Range Rover Sport platform, will use LR's existing 3.0-liter turbo-diesel V6 and a ZF eight-speed automatic mated to an electric motor. The goal is to produce a powertrain that can achieve a range of around 20 miles solely on electric power, while emitting less than 100 g/km of CO2 emissions. A conventionally powered production-bodied LRX was already spotted testing just earlier this week.

While this technology is still a few years away, Land Rover has assured us that the front-wheel-drive LRX will be available right away when the range launches next year. Never fear, though – Land Rover will still offer the LRX with an honest-to-goodness four-wheel drive system, and we look forward to getting both some on- and off-road time in the new baby Rover. The full details are available in LR's press release available after the jump.